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Buying Everyday Store Fixtures?
3 Things to Consider When Buying Everyday Store Fixtures If you operate a retail store or business you know that merchandising can be very challenging and time consuming. Seasonal fixture changes and constantly changing displays of new products and merchandise is standard operating procedure for a retailer today. Keeping 3 things in mind when shopping for everyday store fixtures will keep your fixtures work for you and not against you.
  1. Plan for versatility Store operators search for fixture solutions that maximize their floor and wall spaces in the selling areas. Having versatile store fixtures helps. Changing any size area from hooks to shelves, from hang bar to face out, from cube glass to enclosed display etc. needs to be possible. When I am in the world’s largest retailer I see they are constantly re-merchandising. At my local hardware store, the checkout counter always has something new or different displayed. Having fixtures that are capable of displaying different items in different ways and including these fixture changes in your plan or calendar to help guide your merchandising is a must.
  2. Make the most of your storage space Minimizing fixture storage space is important. I seldom hear a storeowner tell me; “I have too much storage space” Chances are most stores don’t have enough room to keep many seasonal or unused displays and fixtures. Fixtures that disassemble or break down/fold can be easier to store. Storeowners can benefit from selling unused fixtures or trading them in on fixtures that match your current needs. Don’t hang on to a fixture that doesn’t help you anymore. Recycle, re-sell, trade, donate or dispose.
  3. Pick a system Having a fixture system allows you to more easily configure your fixtures to your needs. The system you choose needs to do what you want it to do. There are several commonly available store fixture solutions for versatility in general merchandising. Slat wall, Grid wall, Gondola, Standards and Brackets are adaptable for floor or wall and are available in different colors and sizes. All of these systems carry their own weight ratings and capabilities. All can be customized to your needs with a variety of bases, accessories and configurations. Both new and used components are readily available. Whole systems or components can be purchased on line or and at your local store fixture dealer. Charlotte Store Fixture Warehouse can help you decide which system is right for your store. Contact us at 704-395-9833, or stop by our warehouse/showroom at 3903 Corporation Circle, Charlotte, NC 28216.
When your everyday store fixtures work for you, everyday is a better day. What everyday fixture decisions have made your life as a retailer easier?