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Store Fixtures And Loss Prevention

Many retailers want the ability to keep visual contact at all times with all activities on the selling floor. Regardless of your type store and your clientele, minimizing loss from shoplifting is usually a priority. Store owners rely on electronic security and surveillance systems to record and monitor activity. Round Detector mirrors are still used everyday.

Having the right store fixtures and the right layout can play a part in reducing shoplifting. Try to avoid fixtures and store layouts that create blind spots. Consider fixtures that can be modified or easily changed to different heights and depths. Fixtures that use an open back or see-thru components will increase your overall ability to visually monitor your space.

Positioning your checkout counter near the exit suits a lot of retailers and store owners and I clearly see why. A checkout counter placed differently in a store layout may not be wrong but if security is an issue the front position is used more. For more information on our current selection of Used Checkout Counters contact us at 704-395-9833